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Pinch valve manufacturer

Dongguan Bao Chen Valve Manufacturer Co.,ltd here called BOC is a professional rubber and machinery designer and manufacturer, we mainly produce pinch valve, diaphragm valve, rubber products for vechile, automation, military, urban industry.

BOC pinch valve are pneumatically actuated shut-off devices for applications in the pneumatic convey system. The durable and reliable pinch valve made us be a famous pinch valve manufacturer in China. Our pneumatic pinch valve has been used for many areas, like wastewater treatment, food production, powder convey, vacuum system, animal-feeding.......

From 2020, we desgin some new products to help customer improve their system like 3 way pinch valve, combination valve, pinch clamp for bottle,diaphragm valve for animal feeding. At the same time, we also produce rubber products for our exist customer since we are professioanl in designing rubber compunds and production process.

BOC is a dynamic and iamginative company, we try to help our customer grow up with our expertise and rich experience. And be their trusted and loyal partner.

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